Church of Christ

Contact information

Jan Tooropstraat 6
5642 AK Eindhoven
tel. (040) 2447941 (fam. Dijkstra)

Our Guest Speakers

We have two evangelists who speak on a monthly basis in Eindhoven. They are also involved with other congregations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Roy Davison

Roy Davison is a Belgian (originally for the USA) who, together with his wife, has dedicated his life to spreading God's woord in Belgium and the Netherlands. After preaching in Canada for a while, he came to the Netherlands in 1963. Now he serves as guest speaker for several churches of Christ. Roy is also a professional Dutch to English translator. You can read or listen to some of his sermons here.

Gert-Jan van Zanten

Gert-jan van Zanten lives in Harderwijk. He preaches every month on a Sunday and regularly leads Bible studies on Wednesday evenings. He was raised in a Calvinistic family and left that faith at the age of 18. At the age of 24 he decided to dig deeper and now he has a great love for reading and studying the Word of God. Through this love he has helped many in their faith in Christ and their understanding of Gods will. For more information about Gert-Jan click here.


Come and worship God and learn from His word with us.

Sunday Bible study: 9:45 am
Sunday worship: 10:45 am
Wednesday meeting: 7:30 pm

What we do together

On Sunday mornings we begin at 9:45 am. There are classes for children of all ages up to 16 years old while the rest have a Bible study. At 10:40 am the worship service starts. After a group prayer we sing and then celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. After that there is a reading from the Bible, we hold a collection and a short sermon is given before we end the service with prayer. After any anouncements it is time for fellowship.

Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm we get together to sing, to pray or to study from the Bible.

We also do other things together outside of "open hours" because we are each other's family and friends.


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